The following categories of scholarships are generally available for cadets in the Academy.

Suhrawardi Scholarship

Mr. Ghulam M. Suhrawardi president and CEO. National Maritime Consultant Inc. (NMCI) group, Eenston Road, NJ-08859, U.S.A and Ex-cadet Marine Academy Chittagong (6th batch) contributes fund for 36 scholarships for five years starting from (40th batch) cadets-2004 each of Tk. 5,793/00 per annum, of these 4 scholarships are for junior cadets of 1st year and after that 4 scholarships for juniors and 4 for senior cadets from 2nd year. Again the scholarships are equally divided to Nautical and Engineering cadets and are awarded purely on merit basis depending on the results of respective classes.

Academy Scholarship

The fund of the scholarship used to be accumulated out of donations of Bangladesh Shipping Corporation, Chittagong Port Authority and other generous organizations. Presently the rates of these scholarships vary from Tk.3000.00-Tk.1250.00 per annum and these are also awarded purely on merit basis as per prescribed rules. However, no cadet shall be allowed to avail Academy Scholarship and Suhrawardi Scholarship concurrently. Board Scholarships awarded by the Education Boards of the country on the basis of H.S.C examination results of the cadets are also drawn and disbursed to the cadets.

Other Scholarships/ Stipends

In addition to above three categories, cadets are allowed to avail scholarships/ stipends awarded to them by Sena Kallyan Sangstha, Zilla Parishads, F.F.W. Trust and other organizations.


  • Pre sea Scholarship by K-Line  for 10 Cadets (5 from Engineering and 5 from Nautical)
  • Pre sea Scholarship by Sea Consortium  for 4 Cadets