This is to be noted that the following names have been recorded in the categories below. This has the reference to the decision no. 25/23 of Governing Body of the Academy. All these information have been based on various reliable sources; however, we will be regretful for any mistake:

Mariner Martyr (Great War of Liberation 1971)

  1. Mr. Liaquat Ali* —– 9th Batch     (click for photo)

*The old Cadet Block has been named as “Shaheed Liaquat Ali Cadet Block” as per decision taken at the Officers’ General Meeting held on 2 December 2010.

Mariner Member of ‘International Mother Language Day’ establishing team

  1. MarEngr. Abdus Salam* —– 9th/418     (click for photo)

*The new Cadet Block has been named as “International Mother Language Day Co-Founding Warrior Abdus Salam Block (short name ‘Abdus Salam Block’) as per decision taken at the Officers’ General Meeting held on 6 September 2016.

Mariner Freedom Fighters (Great War of Liberation 1971)

  1. MarEngr. Ghulam Mohiuddin —– 1st/02    (click for photo)
  2. MarEngr. C F Zaman —– 2nd/47     (click for photo)
  3. Capt. Aziz Chishti (Selim) —– 3rd/111     (click for photo)
  4. MarEngr. Mahmood Billah —– 4th/174    (click for photo)
  5. MarEngr. Mohammed Akhtar Hossain —– 4th/    (click for photo)
  6. MarEngr. Monirul Islam —– 4th/170    (click for photo)
  7. MarEngr. Nazrul Islam Siddiqui —– 4th/166      (click for photo)
  8. Mariner  Abdul Awal Mintoo —– 5th/    (click for photo)
  9. Capt. Syed Nuruzzaman —– 5th/    (click for photo)
  10. Mr. Ghulam Suhrawardi —– 6th/263       (click for photo)
  11. Capt. Kazi Maqsudur Rahman —– 6th/    (click for photo)
  12. Capt. Imam Anwar Hossain —– 6th/256       (click for photo)
  13. Capt. Qamrul Hossain —–6th/267         (click for photo)
  14. MarEngr. S G Mustafa Kamal —– 7th/283          (click for photo)
  15. Major (Retd.) Hashmi Mustafa Kamal (Sector-1&2) —– 8th         (click for photo)
  16. Capt. Jahangir Kabir —– 9th/390            (click for photo)
  17. MarEngr. Lutful Kabir Chowdhury —– 9th/402           (click for photo)
  18. Capt. Mohammed Khaliquzzaman —– 10th/       (click for photo)
  19. Capt. Nazmul Alam —– 11th/490            (click for photo)
  20. Capt. Mohammad Abdur Rahim —– 12th/518    (click for photo)
  21. MarEngr. Taherul Islam Jinnah (Sector-7) —– 12th/527             (click for photo)
  22. Dr. MarEngr. Sajid Hussain (Sector-7) —– 15th/708              (click for photo)

Mariners “Lost at sea” during their service:

No. Name Batch/Cadet No. Year of Death Cause
1. Mr. Mobinul Islam,

Chief Officer

3rd/100 1998 Killed in tug-wire whip-lash in Surabaya on PIL Ship MV Kota Suria
2. Md. Musharraf Hussain,

2nd Engr

6th/231 1982 Killed (MV Banglar Kheya); Body was found in Patenga beach in a sac
3. Capt. Kazi Golam Sarwar 7th/291 1993 Drowned in Bay of Bengal
4. Capt. Md. Rabiul Islam Chowdhury 8th/361 1999 Drowned/missing in South China sea; MV Al-Kasem
5. MarEngr. F. M. Shahjahan 9th/396 1999 Drowned/missing in South China sea; MV Al-Kasem
6. Capt. Mesbahul Alam Ansari 11th/492 2002 Drowned in Bay of Bengal
7. Md. Ali Farid,

Deck Cadet

12th/515 1980 Fell in cargo-hold of MV Banglar Tarani at Colombo Dry-dock
8. Mostafizur Rahman,

Chief Officer

15th/719 1991 Killed/suicide in a ship of Ocean Tramping
9. Syed Monir Ahmed,

Deck Cadet

17th/789 1983 Fell on cargo hatch on board MV Banglar Kallol in USA
10. Abu Taib Rahman Syed,

Cadet Engineer

18th/867 1984 Drowned from MV Banglar Baani in Atlantic
11. MarEngr. Mohammad Tarek Hasan 18th/860 1999 Drowned/missing in South China sea: MV Al-Kasem
12. Azizur Rahman,

3rd Engineer

22nd/1069 Accident onboard
13. Lutfur Rahman Chy,

2nd Officer

23rd/1078 1993 Drowned in Bay of Bengal from MV Arati
14. Md. Ahsan-ul-huque,

Chief Officer

26th/1290 2000 Drowned at sea at Paradip from a Mearsk Line Ship
15. MarEngr. Md. Enamul Huque 27th/1394 1996 Missing along with the vessel
16. MarEngr. M Golam Rabbani Bhy. 27th/1414 1996 Missing along with the vessel
17. MarEngr. Md. Mohiuddin Chy. 27th/1438 Found Dead in Sea beach
18. Md. Shafiul Azam,

Deck Officer

28th/1553 2000 Found dead in his cabin (bathroom) in MV Amber Hello
19. Mohammad Zahirul Islam,

Deck Officer

30th/1735 2006 MT Banglar Shourabh explosion
20. Musa Bin Siraj, Deck Cadet 33rd/1949 2004 Drowned in Bay of Bengal
21. Md. Abdullah Al Mehadi Hasan,

Deck Cadet

40th/2384 2006 MT Banglar Shourabh explosion
22. Md. Saeed Hasan,

Deck Cadet

S/O, Capt. Azizul Hasan (8th)

Direct Entry 2008


2008 Drowned in Bay of Bengal
23. ElEngr. K M Rafiqul Alam Sr. Elec. Engineer 2000 Cardiac failure in MV Banglar Maya at Galle Harbour, Sri Lanka
24. ElEngr. Shamsul Alam Elec. Engineer 1998 Fell in Cargo-hold, during repair on BSC vessel
25. Suvankar Bhattacharjee,

Deck Cadet

44th/2795 2010 Drowned in Bay of Bengal
26. Md. Sajib Ali Mridha 47th/3368 2018 Drowned in China sea after collision between MT Santi & Li F Crystal
27. Cadet A.H.M. Masud Kaiser Shuvo 48th/3657 2013 Drowned in Academy Training Lake
28. Cadet Md. Shamim Al Mamun 50th/4071 2014 Died in a road accident

* A Memorial has been erected beside the Academy Recreation Hill.