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Bangladesh Marine Academy Library

Our Mission:
Be the key information resources of the region keeping the tradition of honor and excellence in the maritime field and to support all students/researchers and faculty academic goal.
Our location in Bangladesh Marine Academy, Instruction block (2nd floor) offers dynamic learning spaces, research materials, IT resources to support all students and faculty.

The Library has over 40,000 books printed form and thousands of E-Books.
Dedicated spaces and resources for cadets, graduate students, and faculty members.
Quiet and talk friendly areas,
Collaborative work-space,
Reading and writing corners,
Text books,
Reference books.etc

Loan privileges: (For under graduate students, Graduate students and Faculty)

For cadets : Text book (max.30 books) – 1 Semester (180 Days)
Reference book (max. 2 books) – 15 Days
For Teachers : Text book (max.10 books) – 1 Semester (180 Days)
Reference book (max. 5 books) – 30 Days
For Staff members : Text book (max.5 books) – 30 Days
Reference book (max. 2 books) – 15 Days

Fees and Fines: As per Academy rules and regulation.

Computer and equipment:
There are photocopiers, scanner, bookbinder, laminating machine, printing & E mail facility in the front desk counter (photocopy done by the staff).

The News paper, magazines, journals in printed form. Newsweek, Times, Reader’s Digest, professional magazines, Marine Scientist, Hydro, Journals of Marine Design and Operations, Shipping World and Ship Builders, MER, Transport International, Discovery, Seafarers Bulletin, Port, World Maritime University Hand Book, Offshore Technology, Seaways, Carrier’s at Sea, Computer world, etc.

Business hours:

Sunday – Thursday : 8:30 a.m. – 8.30 p.m.
Friday : 9:00 a.m. – 12.00 p.m.
Saturday& Govt. holiday : Closed

While cadets are in vacation:

Sunday – Thursday : 9:00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.
Friday, Saturday& Govt. holiday : Closed

Library Service:
The library provide fast,friendly services in a safe environment
Staff will also help with reference search.

Food and Drinks: Not permitted in the main hall.

E-Learning facilities:

There are numerous computers stations are available for use by the students and members of the marine community
Wireless network access is limited to BMA students, staff and faculty.

Digital Library program e- books covers in the following subject areas-

1. Seamanship & Cargo Work
2. Navigation & Astronomy
3. Meteorology & Oceanography
4. Ship Stability
5. Safety, Security & Fire Prevention
6. Shipping Management
7. Maritime Economics & Finance
8. Maritime Law
9. Chemical, Oil, Gas & Offshore Vessel
10. Marine Environmental Science

1.General Engineering Knowledge
2.Motor Engineering Knowledge
3.Applied Mechanics
4.Applied Heat and Heat engines
5.Ship Construction & naval arch.
6.Electrical Technology
7.Marine Machinery & Diesel Engine
8.Engineering Drawing
9.Workshop Process and Materials
10.IMO & WMO publications

1. Physics 2. Mathematics
3. English & Maritime English 4. Accounting
5. Finance 6. Economics
7. History/Bangladesh Studies 8. Computer Technology
9. Atlas, Dictionary &Encyclopedia 10. English &Bengali Literature
11. Religious Books 12. Bangladesh Liberation War
1971 books

There‘s only one thing you can do in the library: WORK

We are focused on your success

NB: The Library is temperature controlled and under surveillance by security camera!