Accommodation & Food

Date of update: 07-12-2022

During training in the Academy, the Cadets are to reside in the Cadet Hostel within the campus for which no charge is to be paid. However, the Cadets will be required to pay food charges. The following shall be the normal composition of daily menu:

(a) Breakfast: Egg, Bread/Parata, Butter/Jam/Jelly and Tea

(b) Stand Easy Tea: Singara, Biscuits, Bread & Tea

(c) Luncheon: Rice/Polao, Beef/Chicken/Fish/Vegetables, Dal, Salad, Soup, Sweet/Fruit

(d) Evening Tea: Biscuits/Samosa & Tea

(e) Dinner: Rice/Polao, Beef/Chicken/Fish/ Vegetables, Dal, Salad, Soup, Sweet/Fruit

However, this menu is flexible/adjustable depending on the training requirements and fund position.