Marine academy, having an excellent prestigious past of four decades, has achieved the requisite professional status by being a branch of world maritime University in 1990 and through the inclusion of Bangladesh in the White List of the international Maritime Organization (IMO) in 2000. Therefore the coveted international status of this Academy with the STCW 95 international convention for all levels of maritime education. Undoubtedly, Marine academy is a unique institution in South Asia and known for its maritime excellence. Above all, we are committed to world class maritime manpower development.


Mission & Vision

To explore and recognize the potential seafaring talents, suitably train them and make them adequately equipped with officer like qualities so as to groom them up as future leaders in all fields, especially in the field of shipping and guide the men under their command with ability and confidence.

To give such co-curricular and disciplinary training which will enable a cadet to take his place as an officer of the merchant marine field and face with courage, endurance and fortitude, the rigours of life and career at sea.

To develop in cadets, through constant guidance and supervision, a sense of purpose, loyalty, devotion to duty, uprightness, adaptability under all trying circumstances, pride of profession and spirit to service which will make them valuable and distinguished members of their profession proud citizen of Bangladesh.

To achieve a minimum academic and professional standard which will enable the cadets to appear in examinations of Class-III (Deck/Engineer) Certificate of Competency (COC) after completion of prescribed sea training on board.

To provide them with a sound background in management and technical skills so that following service at sea, they may take up leadership positions ashore in different maritime and industrial sectors.