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  • The Bangladesh Marine Academy Library is well neat and tidy Library in terms of books, News papers, Periodical and other audio visual materials.
  • The Library has over 15000 books including text books.
  • The News paper & magazines are also the main attraction for the Cadets and as well as staff and officers.
  • The Academy also subscribes the magazines like Newsweek, Times, Reader’s Digest. The library has professional magazines like MAB, Safety Digest, IMO News, IMO Bulletin, Ocean Voice, Marine Scientist, Hydro, Journals of Marine Design and Operations, Shipping World and Ship Builders, MER, Transport International, Discovery, Seafarers Bulletin, Port,World Maritime University Hand Book,Offshore Technology, Seaways,Carrier’s at Sea,Computer world, etc.
  • The Library is comprising on different portion, such as, Nautical, Engineering, Academic and as well as general books. It has also a reference section.
  • The library has a cataloging system too.
  • The Cadets have very much interest in library, they have a library period  in every day.
  • The issuance of books, other materials to cadets, Officers & other staff members are very regularly.
  • The Library has provided rare books such as IMO Publication, IMO Model Courses etc. to the instructors & officers.